Ilan chester - abran paso

Ilan Chester , a top Venezuelan singer-songwriter of the ’80s and ’90s, received a Latin Grammy for musical excellence for being one of the greatest pop singers and cultural references in his country. Chester was an acclaimed pop success in the ’80s after he released many important hits in Venezuela such as “Marea de la Mar,” “Solo Faltas Tú,” “Soledad,” “No es Corazón,” “Es Verdad,” “Abran Paso” and more. His cultural success in his home country came along with his song “Canto al Avila,” which he dedicated to the National Park Commemorative Mountain of the capital city. Some of the singer’s other hits appeared on TV soaps’ musical openings in the ’90s, while other songs were archived into Venezuelan contemporary music history with covers of Aldemaro Romero’s work. Chester is not the first Venezuelan singer to receive this award, with pop singer Ricardo Montaner, salsa icon Oscar D’ León and traditional songwriter Simón Díaz having earned this achievement from the Latin Recording Academy. Watch Chester’s “Palabras Del Alma” music video:

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