Junior cook - good cookin'

Below is a list of Junior Badges for Girl ScoutBasics. Click to scroll to the requirements, resources, and field trips. The Cookie Connection

World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring young chefs through rigorous cooking challenges and dinner services at his restaurant in Hollywood, "Hell's Kitchen", to determine which one ... See full summary  »

We’ve mentioned the convection blower already, and it’s another reason professional and amateur home chefs enjoy this pellet smoker.

Yummy! Thanks for tip about the mint melting and using plastic knife to push back together, worked great. Thanks for another great recipe!

From soups to side dishes, appetizers to desserts and, of course, a drink or two, check out these fantastic holiday recipes -- from our family to yours!

On parental supervision:
"There was always a chaperone and it was almost always a parent. They were at all times able to see what was going on in the kitchen. All of the parents actually sat together and watched what happened. They really bonded. It certainly wasn’t a 'Dance Moms' atmosphere."

Submit an original recipe featuring Pappy's Pie Dough. There are three categories: Best Appetizer recipe; Best Main Dish recipe; and Best Dessert Recipe. Include a photo — the entry form says of yourself and your dish, but the sponsor told us a photo of just the dish is fine, too.

Junior Cook - Good Cookin'Junior Cook - Good Cookin'Junior Cook - Good Cookin'Junior Cook - Good Cookin'