Gentle giant words from the wise

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“I didn’t suspect a thing,” Linke said. “They were treating me like I was their best friend.”

early 13c., "well-born," from Old French gentil "high-born, noble, of good family" (11c., in Modern French "nice, graceful, pleasing; fine pretty"), from Latin gentilis "of the same family or clan," from gens (genitive gentis ) "race, clan," from root of gignere "beget," from PIE root *gen- "produce" (see genus ). Sense of "gracious, kind" (now obsolete) first recorded late 13c.; that of "mild, tender" is 1550s. Older sense remains in gentleman .

For their third album, Gentle Giant decided they were going to expand their conceptual horizons - and ended up writing a mini-rock opera. Not that the album really feels as a rock opera, mind you; for the most part, I sense the concept as merely as an excuse for loads and loads of pleasant, but rather unrelated jamming. The concept itself is rather simple and not all that thought-provoking: basically, they tell the story of three friends (how did you guess?) that were friends in school and later went their own ways, one of them becoming a road worker, the other a painter, and the third a businessman or whoever. Apparently, they never met after school, and that's the way it goes. So there's a 'Prologue' ( not an overture), a song devoted to their school experience, a 'personal' tune for each of the friends (why does that remind me of Quadrophenia ?), and an epilogue. And the whole thing is just about thirty minutes long; Gentle Giant always made their albums short, that's why there's so many of them.

My Giant is a 1998 comedy sport movie starring legendary comedian Billy Crystal and NBA player Gheorghe Mureșan in his only film appearance, and directed by Michael ...

Gentle Giant Words From The WiseGentle Giant Words From The WiseGentle Giant Words From The WiseGentle Giant Words From The Wise