Snow ghosts lost at sea ep

Recorded on the "Road to Graceland '93" tour at London's Albert Hall. This followed the release of the album The First Day and is considered by many to be superior to its studio counterpart. Originally mixed by Robert Fripp and released in September 1994 it was remixed by David in 2000 and released the following year. The band features Trey Gunn and Michael Brook.

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A jumble of “Chilean” memories—celluloid, musical, literary. … I remember myself in Young Pioneer summer camp, June 1977, standing at an all-camp rally and chanting the words “ Bella ciao, ciao, ciao ” along with a wheezy loudspeaker, from which streamed the spectral voice of Víctor Jara, the murdered Chilean bard and radical, whose name was well known in the USSR. “ Bella Ciao ” wasn’t Jara’s own composition but his rendition of an Italian partisan song from the time of World War II. And another summer-camp flashback: a screening of a film about Chile, which had come off the same conveyor belt as most Soviet films about revolutionary unrest. Meant to inspire, the formulaic film left no trace except for one scene in which Chilean workers with old rifles defend a barricade from a unit of tanks.

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Snow Ghosts Lost At Sea EPSnow Ghosts Lost At Sea EPSnow Ghosts Lost At Sea EPSnow Ghosts Lost At Sea EP