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In the late 2000s, Indi-pop music faced increasing competition from filmi music. Major pop singer stopped releasing albums and started singing for movies. Recently, Indian pop has taken an interesting turn with the " remixing " of songs from past Indian movie songs, new beats being added to them.

Artist in Album : Amar Arshi - Amir Saleem - Asad Raza - Faakhir - Hadiqa Kiyani - Imran Ali Akhtar - Imran Hayat - Khiza - Khurram Jani - Manzoor Mughal - Rahim Shah - Rumz The Band - Sageel Khan - Tausif Ali Khan - Wasso

Conceptually, Radio Daze was similar to Rhino Records's Super Hits of the 70s: Have a Nice Day album series, first released in 1990 (with a follow-up series of albums in 1993, and additional three volumes issued in 1996). Similarities included the inclusion of one- and two-hit wonders and lesser-known pop and rock music songs, liner notes about the artists, songs and music of the early 1980s, and the relative brevity in respect to the capacity of compact discs (usually about 45 minutes, the longest of most various artist vinyl LPs of the early 1980s).

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Top of the Pop Hits, Vol. 1: The 70's collects 60 songs over the span of six discs (which is hardly necessary), touching on almost every style of the decade, including soft rock, hard rock, disco, soul, roots rock, R&B, and pop. Most of the usual suspects are here ( Hall & Oates , . & the Sunshine Band , Lynyrd Skynyrd ), resulting in a spirited, but ultimately harmless collection of songs that you could randomly spin the dial on the radio and hit in two or three tries.

Arguably another early pioneer of crossover was the twentieth century composer Kurt Weill . A writer of avant garde serious music, his collaborations with playwright Bertolt Brecht on projects such as The Threepenny Opera nevertheless gave an early indication of his interest in writing in an easily accessible, popular musical style. This trend in his work came to full fruition in later life in the United States, where he switched primarily to writing the scores for Broadway musicals such as Knickerbocker Holiday and One Touch of Venus . Some of the hits from those shows, such as September Song and Speak Low , are better remembered than the musicals from which they came.

Various Pop Hits The NorthVarious Pop Hits The NorthVarious Pop Hits The NorthVarious Pop Hits The North