Afoe sensi witie witie kokoro

240 P nedir ya? Keys (Kendim yazdım web gg diye 😀 ) AHOE , AFOE , AFOE COUNTRYBALLS , AFOE APOCALYPSE ,AFOE MOVİE Afoe Turkey , Afoe half …


A very pleasing innocent scent. It didn't really have the wow factor for me, which is maybe the point of Sensi White Notes. It transports to you a fresh and bright valley of white flowers where the sun is shining and you can breathe those clean bright notes in.

Perfect for daytime when you don't want to knock people out with a strong perfume.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds provide an easy and rewarding harvest of high quality marijuana without the need for a change in light cycles or removal of male plants. Grown outdoors, these weed varieties can produce two or more harvests in the course of a normal summer. Under lights, autoflowering strains are capable of going from seedling to full maturity in as little as ten weeks.

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Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Sunny / Mediterranean
Compact plant
Flowering 45 - 55 days
Yield Heavy Yield
80% Indica