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Homunculi ( ホムンクルス , Homunkurusu ) serve as the primary antagonistic force in Fullmetal Alchemist . They are a group of artificially created humans who seek to fulfill their leader's goals of creating a huge Philosopher's Stone. Homunculi are personifications of the darkest aspects of human nature, and each is named after one of the seven deadly sins ; they are identified by their bearing of the mark of the Ouroboros somewhere on their body. They also possess a heightened regenerative ability, rendering them nigh indestructible, though not invincible. Aside from this, the concept of the homunculi varies drastically between the manga and first anime series. [2]

The YellowHeads was formed by two musicians who quickly discovered a key common denominator that unites them: a strong passion for music. What came next was a merging of their styles, different but parallel, as their musical roots come from the same place, and they formed the duo The YellowHeads. This union’s strength is in their sound, going from highly atmospheric electronic music to a techno sound with retro touches. Their releases have seen the light on labels such as: Toolroom, Tronic, Analytictrail, Phobiq, Trapez, Driving Forces, Organism, Alleanza, De-Konstrukt, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, etc..., with collaborations and remixes by: Cari Lekebusch, Alex Bau, Joey Beltram, Paride Saraceni, Cristian Varela, Axel Karakasis, Spiros Kaloumenos, Alex Under, Gabriel D´Or & Bordoy, and many more known artists. The YellowHeads has been a headliner at some of the best clubs and festivals, performing with: Pendulum, Dirtyphonics, Umek, Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Uto Karem, Alan Fitzpatrick, Paul Ritch, Pan-Pot, ., Kaiserdisco, Popof and many more! In 2014, they were #34 in the World DJs Techno List and their incredible hit “Submerged” was #2 for several months and number #71 in the Best Techno Tracks list, while also being played many times by Carl Cox at his gigs. Their music is amazing, their live performances are exciting, but do not forget their look is truly the icing on this great musical project called: The YellowHeads! Owner of the label "Reload Records" & “Reload Black Label” follow us!

Although fictional and the subject of myth , the legend of the Kraken continues to present day, [1] with numerous references existing in popular culture, including film , literature , television , video games , and other miscellaneous examples (., postage stamps , a rollercoaster ride, and a rum product).

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