Various reworking history

The film opens with the debut of the new season at the Paris Opera House, with a production of Gounod 's Faust . Comte Philippe de Chagny ( John St. Polis ) and his brother, the Vicomte Raoul de Chagny ( Norman Kerry ) are in attendance. Raoul attends only in the hope of hearing his sweetheart Christine Daaé ( Mary Philbin ) sing. Christine has made a sudden rise from the chorus to understudy of Mme. Carlotta, the prima donna . Raoul visits her in her dressing room during the performance, and makes his intentions known that he wishes for Christine to resign and marry him. Christine refuses to let their relationship get in the way of her career.

01/29 - I've been pretty busy with work (classes and projects) but I have had a little time to work on my HA . One of my pet projects is getting the collection of ESP8266 like devices I've collected setup and running with MQTT code and OTA support. I've also been spending a lot of time finding other folks Smart Home blogs. Such as Tinkerman blog and Esp8266 Hints blog. 01/02 - Uhm, wow, happened again. Yes, I've been busy, family, health, home and work have all conspired to keep me away from my hobby (the nerve!). Anyway I've not totally forgotten about HA . While I still have some X10 wireless most of my HA is now ZigBee, Z-Wave or custom boards. In the middle sits MQTT and that shares the (pub/sub) topics with all the other software. Yes, all the other software I have can now control or monitor any device or sensor. Add to that mix Node-Red (), and the ESP8266 with OTA> updates and we now have some of the easiest DIY devices and software to build what you can imagine.

Various Reworking HistoryVarious Reworking HistoryVarious Reworking HistoryVarious Reworking History