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The group still looks towards other cultures, but has found a calmer “breathing,” with changes of atmosphere that supply excitement and beauty. Rena Rama’s experiments are timeless, but the CD “Rena Rama” also gives insight into a very important and developmental period in Swedish jazz. Read more Show playlist

    • 1. Introduktion Maqam Music: Bo Nilsson 6'49
    • 2. De fem årstiderna Music: Lennart Åberg 3'39
    • 3. Just in case Music: Palle Danielsson 4'59
    • 4. Pow wow Music: Bobo Stenson 14'59
    • 5. Blocklåten Music: Berger-Danielsson-Stenson-Åberg 2'30
    • 6. Batiali Music: Trad Arr. Rena Rama 4'27
    • 7. På hal is Music: Lennart Åberg 7'57
    • 8. Lisas piano Music: Lennart Åberg 3'45
    • 9. Banguana song Music: Trad. Arr. Åberg 6'28
    • 10. Inside-outside Music: Bobo Stenson 13'55
    • 11. Silhuett Music: Palle Danielsson 7'55
  • Total playtime 77'38

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Rena Rama Rena RamaRena Rama Rena RamaRena Rama Rena RamaRena Rama Rena Rama