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[Joni's band starts up again] Hey, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Hold it. Hold it. The school system doesn’t -- What makes you the most crazy? I’m not through yet. [loud applause] What makes you the most crazy? Since that one bombed, this is Take Two. Could somebody volunteer what makes them the most crazy? Don’t be cute. Tell us the truth. [several audience responses are shouted] People make you crazy. Does the school system make you crazy? [mild applause] Does the government make you crazy? [wild applause] Do you think your nose is too big? Are you ashamed of your appendectomy scar? They always airbrush them out of the Playboy centrefolds, if you’re feeling insecure about that, girls. That’s true – it’s true. Well, all I want to say to you at this point, ‘cause we’re all going off to play poker again, is that, uh, I hope you enjoy your craziness, ‘cause it can be a lot of fun.

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• "Violent" vs. "nonviolent." Cruz said that "the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are Democrats." But the paper didn’t break down their pool of ex-felons into those who had been incarcerated for violent offenses and those who had been incarcerated for nonviolent crimes. So the paper contains no support for this portion of Cruz’s claim.

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A Kansas family relocates to Beverly Hills, where their two children adapt to the infamous social drama of West Beverly Hills High.

Twisted Truth - Greenhorns GamesTwisted Truth - Greenhorns GamesTwisted Truth - Greenhorns GamesTwisted Truth - Greenhorns Games