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As-salamu-alaykum wa rahmathullahi wa barakaathuh.
May Allah reward you guys for the best reminder of all.
The “Qutbatul Wadaa” no doubt is the best of all qutab and as you’ve mentioned in the footnotes, if each one of us follows this advise of our beloved Prophet, sal-Allahu-alaihi-wa-sallam, this world would be a much better place.
May Allah guide us all to read “The Qur’an” in all hours of day and night and bless us with a better understanding of his book. And may Allah guide us all to stick to the path of authentic Sunnah of our beloved Prophet sal-Allahu-alaihi-wa-sallam and protect us from bid’ah…Aameen.

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The Prophet Muhammad is not dead. He is very much living. He lives in the Qur'an and its correct interpretation. He lives in the authentic Sunnah. He lives in all that is good about Islam. Over the course of the past fourteen hundred years, however, much extraneous material has accumulated around the person of the Prophet. Much of this material was falsified by the enemies of Islam, the usurpers of divine authority, the Umayyads, both past and present. If the Prophet is alive and well, so are his enemies. They are those who seek to soil the image of Islam from within. They undermine the Qur'an and Sunnah. They eat away at Islam like termites eat away at wood. They are the Pharisees of Islam and the Uncle Tom 'ulama . They are the sell-out scholars of Islam, the court-clerics at the service of kings, dictators and despots. They are modern-day Kharijites like these Takfiri terrorists who have no respect for life and no religion. They are the corporate, capitalist, liberal Muslims at the service of the Empire. The Prophet Muhammad is a pearl. His enemies can toss filth at him, but he will always come out clean. His opponents, however, are made of cloth and they do no nothing but stain their own souls.

If you could give one piece of advice to Christians and Muslims worldwide, what would that be?

If I could give one piece of advice to Christians and Muslims worldwide it would be that peace is possible, although it is not always profitable. Conflicts are caused by socio-economic and political interests. In the absence of conflict, conflicts will be created by the economic elite. On the battle-field opponents appear to be polarized. It seems that both sides are independent. This is merely because we see the puppets, but not the puppet-masters, those who create the conflict, play both parties against one another, and who profit from the death and destruction thus created. This not to say that people, politicians, presidents and military commanders do not cause wars, but we must realize that bankers are behind all of them. These international bankers and multinational corporations had no loyalty to the Axis powers or to the Allies, to Communism or Capitalism, to Arab nationalism or Islamism. They funded all parties and profited from the blood-shed. The presence of peace is not profitable; not when compared to the billions that are made by war and redevelopment.

Christians need to understand that Islam is not the enemy. Muslims need to understand that Christianity is not the enemy. The enemy of one religion is the enemy of all religions. What we are facing in the world today is a confrontation between Secularism and Religion, between Materialism and Spirituality, between the worship of Mammon and the worship of the Creator, between those who believe in this world and those who believe in the next world. By turning religions against one another, the power elites accomplish two objectives at the same time: to make money and to destroy any future possibility of opposition. As one would expect, the enemies of God cloak their cause in religion. Most so-called Christian and Muslim militants are unwittingly advancing the agenda of atheism. Surely, the prophets are brothers to one another. Moses, Jesus and Muhammad all followed in the footsteps of Abraham. The true believers among the Jews, Christians and Muslims must unite, as followers of Abraham, in order to fight their common enemies. Those who divide us seek to destroy us. The believers in Divine Unity must unite.

al connection, just like the recent accomplishments of Japan may be claimed by modern Japanese. In other words we are finding some sphere of commonality (political, ideological, social, etc) to show that those things allow them to make a connection. Jews do this all the time when they say Jewish inventors, or Jewish Nobel Peace Prize winners. And all connections are valid at some level. This is the way human beings forge their identities on the great works of the past, to inspire them to build anew.

Idris Muhammad - Foxhuntin'Idris Muhammad - Foxhuntin'Idris Muhammad - Foxhuntin'Idris Muhammad - Foxhuntin'