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Still, when a person has the temerity and tackiness to approach Scorpios and tell them to stay away from their mates…something inside the Scorpio clicks and the primal hunt is on.

Specifically, Onassis stated in his will that the island would remain in the family as long as they could afford to cover its maintenance expenses. According to the will, if his descendants could not cover the expenses, the island would be donated either to Olympic Airways or to the state. Therefore, the island is now leased to the heiress for 100 years' time, still under the ownership of Athina Onassis Roussel. [4]

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The eurypterids , commonly called "sea scorpions", were marine creatures that lived during the Palaeozoic era that share several physical traits with scorpions and may be closely related to them. Various species of Eurypterida could grow to be anywhere from 10 centimetres ( in) to metres ( ft) in length. [24] However, they exhibit anatomical differences marking them off as a group distinct from their Carboniferous and Recent relatives. Despite this, they are commonly referred to as "sea scorpions". [25] Their legs are thought to have been short, thick, tapering and to have ended in a single strong claw; it appears that they were well-adapted for maintaining a secure hold upon rocks or seaweed against the wash of waves, like the legs of a shore crab . Cladistic analyses have supported the idea that the eurypterids are a distinct group from the scorpions. [26]

The Scorpios - The ScorpiosThe Scorpios - The ScorpiosThe Scorpios - The ScorpiosThe Scorpios - The Scorpios